Leasing Frequently Asked Questions

What does a “real life” lease takeover look like?
Here’s a breakdown of a lease takeover on one of our 2008 Freightliner Classic XLs which have a total downpayment of $3850 and weekly payments of $350:
Deposit to Hold Truck $750 Balance Due when pick up 

My credit is bad, can I still I get approved?

We are looking for honest, hardworking, and dependable drivers that can afford weekly payments of $250-$500 over the next 24-36 months.  We understand that you might not have the best credit, and as long as you don’t have any major tax liens, major unresolved child support issues, or open chapter 7 bankruptcies then we can most likely get you approved and on the road in no time.

Which trucks are available?
We have over 100 semi trucks and you can view our current inventory

Where are the trucks located?
Most of our vehicles are in St. Louis, MS, Ft. Wayne, IN, or Toledo, OH and occasionally other locations as noted.

Is there a warranty Available ?
Yes, we set a high standard of quality and stand behind our equipment 100%.  That’s why all of our Drivers can include a 100,000 mile warranty on the engine, transmission, and rear end.

Are the trucks already DOT inspected and ready for work?
Yes, all of our trucks are detail cleaned, DOT inspected, and ready for you to roll off the lot and start working.

What about title, registration, insurance, and plates?
During the time of your lease the title will remain under North South Leasing.  You will be required to register, insure, and plate the vehicle in the state you live or work in.  A temporary plate will be provided if necessary to drive the vehicle home.

What if I already found a truck from another dealer or private party?
No problem, we have a lease program for that as well.  apply today!

Do I have to pick the vehicle up myself?
Yes, we will set a date and time once all paperwork is submitted and processed for you to pick up the vehicle.

How much are weekly payments?
Weekly payments vary between $250-$500 based on the value of each truck.

How do I make my weekly payments?
All payments are billed weekly and payable by either T-Check, Com-Check, or Debit Card.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, we charge a small fee of $49  to pull your credit report, process your application, and get you pre-approved for the lease.

Is there a deposit to hold the truck?
Yes, a certified check or money order for $750, which is applied to the total down payment of your lease, is required to hold and ready the equipment.

How much is the down payment?
Down payments vary between $2500-$5000 based on the value of each truck.

When is my first payment due?
Your first payment isn’t due until 15 days after picking up your truck.

Will I eventually own the truck?
Yes, all of our equipment is lease-to-own and your down payment and weekly payments will go towards its purchase.  As long as you make all your payments on time, there is a simple $1 buyout at the end of your leasing term to assume ownership of the equipment.

How long will it take before I’m driving the truck?
Assuming a lease is slightly different than purchasing from a dealership.  All qualifying candidates will receive a set of lease documents detailing everything that is required to secure final approval of the lease.  You will then review, sign, and return all the necessary documents with a certified check or money order to hold the truck.  Once we receive ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS it takes 2-4 weeks to verify the information and prepare the equipment for lease.  After we have received and verified all documentation you will be able to look-over and test drive your vehicle.  We also offer lease programs if you find a truck or equipment from another dealer or private party.

Can I modify the equipment while I’m leasing it?
We understand that different businesses need specialized equipment.  During the time of your lease, any and all modifications must first be approved through North South Leasing before any change to the equipment takes place.

What if my question wasn’t answered here?
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